1. What is the minimum in the Create Your Own box? We require a minimum of 10 burgers per order.
  2. Can I mix proteins and cheeses in the Create Your Own box? Yes! You can order beef, chicken, veggie or turkey as long as they are in increments of five. Same goes for the cheese options.
  3. Do you have gluten-free buns? Yes – For an additional charge.
  4. What are the kettle chip flavors? We just have salt & pepper at this time!
  5. What comes with the drinks by the gallon? Ice, cups, sweetener & lemons for tea
  6. If I order cookies, can I get all dozen 1 flavor? Yes! Double chocolate chip or Oatmeal raisin. You can even do 8 of one and 4 of the other!
  7. How far do you deliver? What is the fee? 5 miles from the nearest location. The delivery fee is 10% of your subtotal, includes delivery & tip for the driver!
  8. How much is the delivery minimum? $150 subtotal
  9. What is in the Village Dip? A warm dip of blended cheeses, bacon crumbles & green onions
  10. What are the standard toppings for the Create Your Own box? Can I make substitutions? Lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickles, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, guacamole, grilled jalapenos. If you have visited us before and have a different favorite topping we offer, sure! Each box comes with 8 toppings. Anything additional maybe subject to additional charge.
  11. Can I order salad toppings on the side if someone has an allergy? Sure thing! Just let us know if you want the nuts, cheese, or anything else on the side and we will make it that way. Dressing will always be on the side!
  12. I see a few salads don’t come with protein. Can this be added? Absolutely! You can add your choice of chicken or sliced turkey for an additional cost.
  13. What kind of utensils and things come with? Black plastic plates, white paper napkin, black serving utensils to name a few. The individual boxed lunch comes standard with a fork, knife, spoon with napkin – pack.
  14. How much notice is needed with a catering order? For delivery- 24 hours is preferred. For pick up under 20 people we can do same day! Call 972-388-5424 to place your order.