Eat Burgers for a Good Cause; Upcoming Wine Dinners


INWOOD—From now until March 31, Village Burger Bar will donate 100 percent of profits from its new Inwood location to the North Texas Food Bank. Burgers never tasted so charitable. [Eaterwire]

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Village Burger Bar Giving Back In A Huge Way


Mike and Susan Matta, owners of the family owned and operated restaurants,Village Burger Bar, will donate 100% of their profits (from the newest location on Inwood Road) to the North Texas Food Bank until March 31st.

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Go Here For That: Village Burger Bar


It’s Tuesday and you’re dragging. You grab a handful of coworkers and head straight for the nearest bar. Or better yet, it’s Friday night and the crew is back at it looking for a social bar with equal parts alcohol and conversation. When it comes to sharing drinks on any occasion, we often gravitate towards the latest hot-list bars or head back to the same old place, with unexciting drink and grub menus that we’ve run through one night too many. There are bars that serve food alongside their drinks, and then there are restaurants that tote cocktail menus equivalent to a speakeasy’s, and a noted food menu all within a reasonable price range. Hence, you get an impressive meal in addition to enough rounds with your buddies to hit the night running.

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And the best burger in Preston Hollow is…


Editor’s Note: Due to a little sloppiness on our part, some of our Lake Highlands newsletter readers will end up at this link when looking for the winner of the Lake Highlands Best Burger voting. While you’ll also enjoy Village Burger Bar if you want to make the drive to Preston Hollow, here’s the link to our Lake Highlands Best Burger winner, Varsity Grill.

Village Burger Bar’s popularity has grown steadily since opening last year. So fast, in fact, that Preston Hollow Advocate readers voted the restaurant the best burger spot in the neighborhood.

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